10 Best Tips for Making Your Paper Longer

How long are essays in college? There is no straight answer to the question, for several reasons. To begin with, each paper comes with unique instructions, especially on the length. Other directions, like the reference materials to use and the strength of the points you wish to discuss in your paper, will determine the length.

A paper may fall short of the expected length for several reasons including shortage or ideas of lack of time to explore more ideas. Making an essay longer should only happen through legal means. Here are excellent tricks to consider when you want a longer paper.

  1. Research the paper extensively

Researching the paper extensively helps you to come into contact with more ideas. It is these ideas that extend the length of your paper. As each idea comes with supporting subtopics, you will find more words to add to your discussion.

  1. Include more ideas

Sometimes you drop ideas because they are too many or you have made a point. Are you wondering how to make a paragraph longer without sounding irrelevant? It is time to consider the ideas you may have ignored. Include them in your outline to make your paper longer. Each idea sends you back to the library or databases in search of more supporting points. As you explain the point, you will be expanding your paper.

  1. Split the strong ideas

Review your ideas to see the ones that can be split and remain strong. Find new words to make your essay better even as you split the current ideas to expand your paper. Each of the new ideas will come with a substantial increase in words and subtopics. Eventually, the length of your paper grows.

  1. Choose a solid topic

The topic you choose affects the number of words you can gather to explain an idea. Make your paper longer by choosing a solid topic. A solid topic has enough support materials for the literature review. You can also get quality data to support your argument.

  1. Focus when writing your paper

Insights and new perspectives will only emerge when you focus on the subject of discussion. Making essays longer does not have to involve irrelevant words. Remove distractions when writing the paper. Your mind will produce more insightful ideas for inclusion into the essay.

  1. Collect own data

Collect new data to prove the point. If you have an idea that does not seem to be supported by the existing ideas in books and other academic materials, you can develop new ideas by collecting personal data. In such a case, adding a new perspective will be acceptable. You also have new perspectives to discuss.

  1. Increase the literature reviewed

Read more books and academic materials. You will come across fresh perspectives that enrich your idea or add new ones. In the process, you have fresh materials to add to your paper. It is one of the best tricks on how to make your writing longer.

  1. Acknowledge dissenting voices

Add a new perspective to your discussion by acknowledging competing ideas. The dissenting voices add depth to your writing because you can spend some time disapproving of their assertions. It makes your paper more believable.

  1. Spend enough time on the ideas

Start writing the paper early to spend more time on it. Do not wonder how to make my paper longer yet you are writing at the last minute. If you have more time, you can generate more insightful ideas that lengthen your paper.

  1. Look for alternative research materials

Expand the reference materials you are using or pay someone to write research paper for you. Use seminar presentations and videos to find new ideas and perspectives.

Do not add irrelevant ideas and words in an attempt to make your paper longer. New materials and fresh perspectives will increase the length and still keep readers engaged. Spend enough time on the paper and new ideas will emerge.

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