100 Best Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

Criminal justice subject is wide. It offers a lot to think about and discuss in college essays. There are fresh criminal justice research paper topics to consider though you can also provide a new perspective to the old prompts. For instance, you can infuse technology or the pandemic when discussing the criminal justice system.

The best approach when discussing criminal justice essay topics is to segment them into different categories. The categories help you to go deeper into each area, especially serve the needs of individual units.

Here is a list of fresh crime research topics to consider for your paper.

  1. The ethics of capital punishment
  2. The importance of eye witness in court
  3. Law enforcement officers and their role in the crime system
  4. The morality of different laws for different states
  5. College violence and its history
  6. Racial discrepancies in justice dispensation
  7. Medical marijuana and its legality
  8. Ethics of criminal justice system
  9. Benefits of private prisons in rehabilitation
  10. Domestic violence and bias against men

There are other topics on criminal justice that focus on gender issues. Here are the topic topics to consider

  1. Gender of the jury and sentencing
  2. Men convicted by men or women
  3. Women bias when handling children issues
  4. Religion and gender justice
  5. Workplace harassment
  6. Crime prevention at the domestic level
  7. Consent and gender bias
  8. Incarceration of a parent
  9. Absentee fathers and crime rates
  10. The process of juvenile detention

Other research topics in law touch on the legislations that enable the delivery of justice to the accused. Here are the top topics to consider.

  1. Human trafficking
  2. Undocumented immigrants and the justice system
  3. Single cases vs organized crimes
  4. Racial prejudice in law
  5. Age and possible criminal dispensation
  6. Neighborhoods and crime preference
  7. Religious bias in the dispensation of justice
  8. Gender and its effect on law violations
  9. Law violation and immigration laws
  10. Education and criminal records

If you are writing criminology papers, you will be interested in socialization and crime preference

  1. Biological theory
  2. Culture and crimes
  3. Classic criminality
  4. Criminology transmission theory
  5. Feminism and criminology
  6. Labeling and sentencing
  7. The psychology of crime
  8. Routine and crimes
  9. Crime and social learning
  10. Crime mapping

A criminal justice paper will not be over until you have studied modern crimes.

  1. Cybercrimes
  2. Technology enablers
  3. Crimes of the past
  4. Class action
  5. Crime reporting
  6. Data and crime prevention
  7. Data theft
  8. CCTV and crime prevention
  9. Public order vs oppression
  10. Absentee parents

Some of the juvenile justice research topics still affect adults. Here are topics to consider.

  1. Children and drugs
  2. Parental influence
  3. International crimes
  4. Children as smoke screens
  5. Environment and the future of children
  6. Shoplifting
  7. Terrorism and children
  8. Race and children crimes
  9. Ruling class crimes
  10. Age of adulthood

Here are other general topics on criminology

  1. Genetic criminology
  2. Corporate crimes
  3. Serial killing
  4. Crime by omission
  5. Crime prevention
  6. Community sensitization
  7. Drugs and the control of the justice system
  8. Political interference
  9. Dissenting voices
  10. National defense clause
  11. Martial law
  12. Ransom and kidnapping
  13. Gun violence
  14. Defamation
  15. Trolling
  16. Gadget use crimes
  17. Sexual offenses registry
  18. Jury selection
  19. Wildlife and crimes
  20. Date rape
  21. Identity theft
  22. Elder abuse
  23. Parent responsibility
  24. Information sharing
  25. Types of punishment
  26. Homicide, murder, and manslaughter
  27. Offender classification
  28. Victimization
  29. Legal fees and sentencing
  30. Assimilation upon release
  31. Gang crimes
  32. Restorative justice
  33. Innocent participants
  34. Religious crimes
  35. Scientific fraud
  36. Investment fraud
  37. Reforms and punishment
  38. Pornography
  39. Predictive policing
  40. Prisons and crime prevention

The perspective you take will determine the best essay topic. Research the topic to get more insights and new ideas for your paper. Use the latest ideas to support your argument.

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